NEMEN® presenta la visione e il talento di artisti che affrontano il proprio processo creativo spingendosi verso nuovi orizzonti espressivi allo stesso modo in cui noi progettiamo i nostri capi. [ IN THE MAKING ] è un percorso fotografico che mostra la passione e dedizione, le competenze tecniche e il lavoro che si nascondono dentro la manifestazione finale dell’opera.

NEMEN® wants to present the vision and talent of artists who face their own creative process pushing themselves towards new expressive horizons in the same way that we are doing with garment design. [ IN THE MAKING ] is a photo- graphic journey directed to the passion and dedication, the technical skills and the hard work that are hidden inside the final manifestation of their art.

For SS_19 NEMEN® meet PEETA an italian artist during the creation of his pictorial, sculptural and mural compositions, in which his geometrical shapes interact with the surrounding environment.

Printed Manifestos in a limited edition of 100 copies are available exclusively on NEMEN® webstore

Photographed by Alessandro Fasolo

VIEW PEETA WORKS  http://www.peeta.net

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